September 28, 2011

Dimitri Khalezov 9/11 Support Evidence

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Dimitri Khalezov 9/11 Support Evidence

The following links provide additional support evidence for Dimitri Khalezov's 9/11 testimony. Watch the full 2 part documentary interview below called "9/11: The Third Truth - Dimitri Khalezov" and review the detailed "Nuclear Demolition - WikiSpooks" article to learn about Dimitri's testimony and detailed explanation of how the WTC buildings were demolished using built-in underground nuclear devices.

In his 2-Part interview, Dimitri explains the details about virtually all events that unfolded on 9/11 ... he leaves no stone unturned

Start here, watch these videos and review the WikiSpooks article:
Additional support videos:

Complete 9/11 Research

Dimitri Khalezov 9/11 Bookmarks

Dimitri Khalezov Support Evidence

Radiation and 9/11 Rescue Workers at Ground Zero
Nuclear demolition evidence
WTC buildings collapsed to dust
Damage to the WTC "Bathtub"
Super high temperatures at and below Ground Zero
9/11 Digital Deception - No planes hit the WTC towers
(AA 11 and WTC 1, United 175 and WTC 2)

      Excellent analysis of 9/11 video and image footage
       More analysis of the fake WTC airplane  videos and images
      Analysis of impossible plane speeds and maneuvers at Sea Level
Pentagon hit by Missile, not a plane
(AA 77 @ Pentagon)
Plane shot down over Shanksville, PA, plane did not "crash"
("United Flight 93")
Alleged "Hijackers" are alive and well
Other interviews with Dimitri Khalezov

This quote is from a fellow member posting to a discussion about Dimitri Khalezov's documentary interview on the Prison Planet forum. This member, along with myself and two other members were eventually banned from that message board. You can review the discussion thread here:

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          1. One honest expert with the truth on his side has more credibility than thousands of experts seeking in the dark. He explains all the important questions and gives us a whole new view on the world events. He has accomplished excellent research on this topic. Thanks! I wonder if he is still alive and well, if so we wish him all the best.

          2. This is a great page, very informative links. thank you for putting it together!