September 13, 2011

9/11 Rescue Workers Suffer from Radiation Exposure

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This collection of links provides strong evidence that 9/11 rescue workers were exposed to unusually high levels of radiation while working at Ground Zero. The evidence indicates that the elevated levels of radiation at Ground Zero developed during the destruction of the WTC towers. Exposure to the Ground Zero radiation is causing an unusually high percentage of 9/11 rescue workers to become seriously sick with radiation-related sicknesses, such as rare blood cancers and brain tumors. Many rescue workers have already died and many more are getting sick. Understanding where this Ground Zero radiation came from is critical to understanding exactly what took place on 9/11. Watch Dimitri Khalezov's documentary interview for answers.

See also: Support Evidence for Dimitri Khalezov's 9/11 Testimony

Ground Zero definition:
The point on the earth's surface directly above or below an exploding nuclear bomb.

Updated 2014 Links
More 9/11 Rescue Workers Cancer & Radiation Exposure Links

Links supporting a nuclear event occurred at Ground Zero


  1. Dust: Proof Of Fusion/Fission in NYC on 911
    An examination of 12 sample locations of dust from the WTC. The samples, provided by the USGS are analyzed using chemistry, mathematics and physics.

    Part 1:

    Part 2:

    Part 3:

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